SEGL’s distinguished faculty members have come from across the country to help accomplish the School’s mission. They are passionate about providing students with the best possible opportunity to grow in an engaging, collaborative, and welcoming community.

Zahraa Alnajjar
Alina Beruff
Noah Bopp
Caila Driscoll
Emily Dwyer
Amaeka Effiong
Farshad Foroozan
Kyle Freiler
Alvin Fridie
Shizuha Hatori
Susana Heureaux
Mei Hong
Sam Hosseinzadeh
Nolan Katcher
Lizzy Kildahl
Courtenay Kim-White
Colleen Kyle
Heidi Leeds
Tyrel London
Mary Marsh
Wayne Millan
Mpho Mphahlele
Keith Mundangepfupfu
Ellis Phillips-Gallucci
Julie Poapst
Alison Pratt
Abby Reed
Robert Jay Ross
Sirianna Santacrose
Sarah Soucek
Christian Starling
Harry Sullivan
Patricia Thomas
Mauro Tiso
Violaine Vandenbroucke
Santiago Vargas Garcia