Robert Jay Ross

Robert Jay Ross


  • Director of Graduate Affairs


  • BA, Harvard University

Robbie was part of the founding faculty team at SEGL back in 2009 and continues to volunteer by overseeing graduate affairs. Currently, he runs partnerships at Cultivate, an organization dedicated to hiring, training, and retaining top-notch talent across the social impact sector. Prior to that, he worked at Purpose, a digital agency and incubator working to amplify social movement building efforts worldwide. As Chief of Staff, he oversaw global people & culture operations for a team of 80 spread across six continents. He’s a firm believer in the power of establishing a trusting, inclusive, and equitable community, having witnessed firsthand how that critical element can propel a team (and its work) forward. Robbie carries an honors degree from Harvard College in Social Studies with a focus in “Human Rights and Development in Africa.” He is a board member of The Child Is Innocent, an NGO based in northern Uganda that helps to provide high-quality education and leadership training to children from the region. Having spent a great deal of time studying the darker side of human potential, he remains steadfast in his awe of people’s extraordinary resilience and in the profound power of forgiveness.