SEGL’s transformative capital campaign

October 20, 2015

We are raising $2 million to purchase and renovate our current residence at 202/4 East Capitol Street in Washington, DC.  And we have already raised the first $1 million!

Why embark on this campaign?

Imagine students who never have to remember their key, because of a new state-of-the-art keyless entry security system. Imagine fewer cold showers and better water pressure because of on-demand hot water and improved plumbing. Imagine that the orange juice will not run out every Thursday because there will be more food storage space. Imagine fewer false fire alarms because our kitchen ventilation will be better.

Imagine a residential kitchen space that is finally usable for more than slice and bake cookies and microwave popcorn.  Imagine that if there is ever a fire, your child will be safer and our building will be less vulnerable because of a new sprinkler system.

Imagine more SEGL programming for more students, because we will have access to the dorm for 12 months out of the year, not nine.

Imagine a more rested residential faculty, with 40% fewer afternoon, evening, and weekend duties and the ability to come home after 10pm check-in twice as often.

Imagine a more unified student body, that lives in one dormitory with one central commons space. This unification means no more need to sign out to the other dorm for study hall group work, no more need to sit in cramped layers for Saturday morning class.

Imagine 4-6 more scholarships available each year for 4-6 more students in need of financial aid, because our mortgage payments will be substantially smaller than our current rent.

And imagine a community that has decided to make a commitment to SEGL as a permanent fixture of this city, this world, and the firmament of ethical leadership education.

Can you see why we are excited?

The majority of residential improvements will occur on the first floor.  In 202 East Capitol (“West”), the first floor snack room and dining/common area will be combined, creating for the first time a space in which the entire school can comfortably gather for group meals, classes, and community conversations.  The Commons will now connect to a redesigned, upgraded  kitchen in East.  This new opening between buildings will allow better study hall communication between students, better access to faculty apartments, and, most important, 40% fewer faculty residential duties.  The plans also call for improved laundry and food storage space.  On the back side of West, we will construct a new handicapped-accessible room that for the first time will enable disabled students to live with us.

The renovation will completely redesign the faculty apartment in 204 East Capitol (known to students as “East”).  Most important, the apartment will become a two-level loft to make it a more attractive long-term home and bring the space up to code. Meanwhile, a new staircase will allow students and faculty to access a food/luggage storage and utilities area from the first floor interior.

Other upgrades include:

  • Upgraded electrical service
  • Improved fire protection/new sprinkler system
  • Keyless entry/improved security
  • On-demand hot water
  • Code compliance

For more information about giving opportunities, including naming rights, please contact SEGL Head of School Noah Bopp at or Associate Head for External Affairs Mairéad O’Grady at  You can also visit our Giving page.