Student Blog

Throughout our time at SEGL we are told it is *our* semester and we take
that quite seriously. We are able to shape our time here at SEGL through
our actions and decisions. This blog was our way of shaping the 2015
Spring Semester and allowing students to share their voices. We also
hope this blog serves as a way for prospective students and their
families to get a feel for the daily lives and activities of SEGL

We hope that you enjoy reading these posts from the SEGL Spring 2015
students and future SEGL students.

–Annie Barson and the class of Spring 2015

## [SAFE CLUB](/safe-club/)

![SAFED](/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/SAFED.jpg)By: Toluwani
SEGL Spring 2016  
May 9, 2016


## [LESSONS IN PROTESTING](/lessons-in-protesting/)

Maria Katsulos  
SEGL Spring 2016  
March 9, 2016


## [HISTORY AND HUMANITY AT THE SUPREME COURT](/history-and-humanity-at-the-supreme-court/)

Maria Katsulos  
SEGL Spring 2016  
February 22, 2016

## [A PANEL ON RACE](/a-panel-on-race/)

Maria Katsulos  
SEGL Spring 2016  
February 12, 2016  

## [  
EMBASSY EXPLORATIONS](/embassy-explorations/)

Annie Barson  
SEGL Spring 2015  
May 18, 2015

## [RUNAROUND: A PRIMER](/runaround-a-primer/)

Eli Presberg  
SEGL Spring 2015  
May 2, 2015

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## [A DAY AT ARLINGTON CEMETERY](/a-day-at-arlington-cemetery/ "A Day at Arlington Cemetery")

Paige Robinson  
SEGL Spring 2015  
April 29, 2015