Integrity 202


Advanced Studies in Leadership Spring 2015

Ready to accelerate the growth you began at SEGL?  Want to continue those conversations, those guest expert exchanges, those personal explorations?

For the first time in SEGL’s history, now you can.  Welcome to Integrity 202: Advanced Studies in Leadership.

Course Overview

This course builds on SEGL’s core Ethics and Leadership class to investigate the key traits of exceptional leaders from history and modern times. Participants will use classic and contemporary readings, distinguished guest experts (including two appearances by Bud Krogh), and in-depth discussions to explore the key traits of exceptional leaders, to understand their own strengths and weaknesses as leaders, and to develop their own “Leadership Credo.”

Leaders studied may include luminaries such as Abraham Lincoln, Richard Nixon, Margaret Thatcher, Barack Obama, or Malcolm X.  Readings will include modern historical classics like Doris Kearns Goodwin’s Team of Rivals (on which the current box office hit Lincoln was based), modern business bestsellers like Jim Collins’ Good to Great, and shorter pieces by leading leadership experts like Daniel Goleman and Peter Senge.

Each semester has a theme; for example, last semester’s course paid special attention to the leadership challenges of the ongoing “fiscal cliff” crisis.  Students should expect to stay abreast of relevant developments as they develop over the semester, and to prepare for a well-informed negotiation simulation in which each student portrays a key leader with a stake in the issue and the group attempts to resolve what Congress has yet to resolve.  We will then present the results of our negotiations to actual leaders involved in the fiscal negotiations, hoping in the process to inspire them with our own ideas.

Participants will meet at least once a week for facilitated discussions using SEGL’s state-of-the-art videoconferencing software powered by Adobe Connect.  No special hardware or software is required beyond a computer with a regular high-speed internet connection and an internal or external videocamera.  Additional meetings may happen in small groups for cooperative learning assignments.  Each class will be recorded (except when guest experts request otherwise) in case a student misses class for illness or another reason.

Sample Readings Collins, Good to Great Fisher and Shapiro, Beyond Reason (sequel to Getting to Yes) Gilligan, In A Different Voice Goleman, Emotional Intelligence Goodwin, Team of Rivals Krogh, *Integrity *Senge, The Fifth Discipline

Course Outline Unit One: Leadership and Integrity (or, more stories and lessons from Bud Krogh) Unit Two: The Leadership Canon (or, let’s read what everybody thinks you should read) Unit Three: Leadership Case Studies (or, let’s find out what makes great leaders tick) Unit Four: Do it (or, the negotiation simulation and your Leadership Credo)

The Leadership Credo

Each student’s final project, which she or he will present at the end of the course, is a personal Leadership Credo.

The Leadership Credo has three parts:

  • What is my leadership profile?  What are my strengths and weaknesses?
  • Given what I know about myself, what is the best way for me to lead in the future?
  • What will I do in the coming weeks, months, and years to ensure that I am leading this way?

This is a rigorous course with high expectations, for students who are serious about improving their leadership skills.  Participants should expect regular evaluations and as much homework as a regular high school course.*  Please make sure that taking this course will not interfere with successful completion of your existing school work.*

Prerequisite: SEGL’s Ethics and Leadership or Integrity 101: Ethics and Leadership Online course.


Lead Instructor Christian Starling

Assistant Instructors Noah Bopp


The application deadline is January 31, 2015.  Tuition for the course is **$1,600 **(payable in one installment prior to the first class) plus the cost of books.  Financial assistance is available for students who qualified previously for SEGL aid.  There is a minimum $160 tuition cost for participation in this course.  Students who previously received aid should expect the same percentage of assistance that they received previously.  For example, if a student’s family received a 50% scholarship to SEGL, tuition for this course would be $800.  If there are special circumstances that may warrant additional aid, or if your family would prefer to pay in multiple installments, please contact Christian Starling, SEGL’s Director of Online Learning, at

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Credit Participants may be able to receive credit for a one-semester social studies elective from their home schools.  Though ultimate decisions regarding credit rest with the home school, SEGL will assist students in this process.