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Academic Alignment Surveys

Sending school teachers: If you teach math, science, or a foreign language to one of our fall 2021 or spring 2022 students, please click the link below to complete an academic alignment survey for your course. You will need your syllabus for the appropriate semester and between five and ten minutes to complete the survey.

Academic Alignment Surveys (Math, Science, and Foreign Language teachers)

AP Test Information

Ordering AP Tests

Before you register for AP tests at SEGL, do the following:

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Once you have done both, use the AP Join Codes link below to "join" the appropriate class so that SEGL can order your AP tests.

A few notes before you do:

  1. You may only register for a test if you are enrolled in the corresponding class at SEGL, or if you've already completed the coursework for that test earlier in the year. For example, you may NOT sign up for the AP Spanish Language and Culture exam if you are not enrolled in Advanced Spanish at SEGL. However, you MAY sign up for the Comparative Government and Politics test even if you are not registered for that course at SEGL, as long as you completed the semester-long version of that course at your sending school in the fall.
  2. You may not change your test registration. If your school requests it, SEGL will cancel your test.
  3. If you need additional join codes - for example, if you are doing an independent study that the Academic Dean has approved, but you don't see the corresponding code - email Christian Starling ( as soon as possible.

AP Join Codes

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